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Welcome to, the home of my blog and repository for my published books, articles, opinions, and unique perspectives. I delve into various critical topics, including environmentalism, climate change, sustainability, and development ethics, pursuing a new paradigm of thinking and understanding that can help us to transition from the current dangerous Anthropocene epoch to a more compassionate epoch guided by ecological wisdom enriched human consciousness.

This new paradigm, "Ecosociocentrism: The Earth First Paradigm for Sustainable Living," can serve as the foundation for our journey from the current Anthropocene epoch towards the Symbiocene epoch, characterized by the emergence of an eco-civilization. In this exciting era, humanity strives to achieve a harmonious, symbiotic co-existence with the diverse living system in Nature.

My ideas and perspectives explore the possibilities and pathways to transition into this enlightened epoch, where our actions and values align with ecological balance and holistic well-being as postulated by Buddhism's Ecodharma concept (Doctrine of Dependent Co-origination or Pratitiyasamudpada) and modern System Theory. Join me on this transformative journey as we seek to create a world where humans and the natural world can coexist harmoniously. Let us start a discourse on these pressing global issues and engage in the conversation about forging a more sustainable future. I would greatly appreciate your feedback comments, and review on this important subject of global significance.

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Raisa S
Raisa S
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"Ecosociocentrism: The Earth First Paradigm for Sustainable Living" is a transformative and enlightening exploration into the heart of ecological understanding and the urgent necessity for sustainable practices in our relationship with the natural world. This book provides a deep dive into the fundamental ecological variables - matter, energy, space, time, and diversity - elucidating their pivotal role in governing ecological phenomena. It's a tour de force in illustrating how these elements shape ecological systems, impacting theories and practices related to natural resource usage, conservation, and biodiversity.

The book's strength lies in its ability to simplify complex ecological concepts, making them accessible and engaging. Introducing emerging ecological theories enhances the reader's understanding of environmental complexity and behavior, an essential step toward…


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Commendable scholarly contribution! It would be more informative to have the links to the highlighted publications.

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