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Igniting Reunion: A Journey through 'Ecosociocentrism' at Agriculture and Forest University (AFU)

As I embarked on the journey of promoting my latest book, 'Ecosociocentrism: The Earth First Paradigm for Sustainable Living,' the response from universities across the country exceeded my expectations. Stepping onto the stage to share insights from 'Ecosociocentrism' with students and faculty members felt like a homecoming, where the fervor for environmental activism and sustainable living ignited a flame of hope within each audience member. The halls of academia echoed with anticipation as I unveiled the pages of 'Ecosociocentrism' to eager minds hungry for solutions to the pressing environmental and climate challenges of our time. With each university talk, the vibrant exchange of ideas and impassioned discussions reaffirmed my belief in the power of 'Ecosociocentrism' to inspire meaningful change in our collective approach to sustainability. Standing before the bright faces of students and the seasoned wisdom of faculty members, I felt a profound sense of purpose as I delved into the principles and strategic policy imperatives outlined in 'Ecosociocentrism,' knowing that together, we were forging a path towards a more harmonious relationship with our planet.

March 17, 2024. Historically Memorable Visit to Agriculture and Forestry University (AFU) that Cultivated My Academic Journey.

Visiting to the institution where I laid the foundational stones of my academic journey, after two decades, was a moment of profound reflection and immeasurable pride. Having devoted thirty years to nurturing the minds that would go on to hold esteemed positions in the academic world, including vice chancellors and deans, I was deeply moved by the warm and honorable reception from my former students and now academic leaders and administrators. Their recognition of my contributions, not just in teaching and research, but in the role I played in developing academic infrastructures and establishing postgraduate programs, was both humbling and gratifying.

This visit was not merely a reunion; it was a vivid testament to the lasting impact of my dedicated academic engagement in this institution. Presenting my latest work on the global environmental and climate crises to the library of this venerable institution symbolizes the ongoing journey of knowledge and discovery. It serves as a reminder that our efforts to enlighten and educate forge the future, shaping minds that will confront the challenges of tomorrow. My heart is filled with pride for the legacy I left witnessing firsthand the flourishing of seeds planted with hope, and a vision for a brighter, more informed world.

I gratefully acknowledge my profound appreciation to the Vice Chancellor Prof. Punya Prasad Regmi for facilitating my visit in his absence and registrar Prof. Sharada Bhattarai, Service Commission Chair Prof. Kalyani Mishra Tripathi and Deans Prof. Arjun Shrestha and Prof. Home Bahadur Basnet for organizing a welcoming reception and interaction with faculties and staffs. Last but not least, I greatly appreciate Suman Dhakal, associate professor for giving me a through guided tour of the University and the research and production fields.

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